Pro Find 15 Minelab

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The PRO-FIND 15 pinpointer assists in accurately locating targets at the point of extraction where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time.

The advanced design of the PRO-FIND 15 removes false signals and noise and its unique Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology eliminates interference with an operating metal detector when it is switched off, by disengaging the coil’s magnetic field.

Locate targets with speed and accuracy, the PRO-FIND 15 is an essential part of every detectorists tool kit

Splash proof design
Rugged, splash proof design for rainy conditions. The perfect companion for a waterproof detector.

Audio indication
Audio tones intensify as the probe approaches the target, making target location easier than ever.

High visibility – with lost-alarm
The PRO-FIND is bright and easily visible, so you won’t leave it behind after you dig

Holster included
A tough, semi-rigid holster attaches to any belt to keep your PRO-FIND at the ready.


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