Nugget_Finder_Z_Search_Coil_Black-534-247 (1)
Nugget_Finder_Z_Search_Coil_Black-534-247 (1)
Nugget_Finder_Z_Search_Coil_Black-534-247 (1)Nugget_Finder_Z_Search_Coil_Black-534-247 (1)

Nugget Finder 12″ Z-Search Coil

Price $1,295.00


Buy Nugget Finder 12″ Z-Search Coil Online in Australia

The Nugget Finder 12″ Z-Search Coil is perfect for use with the Minelab GPZ 7000.

The Z-Search Coil is a lightweight, sensitive coil designed specifically for use with Minelab’s premier detector GPZ7000. It improves sensitivity on small targets, and it is much easier to swing. These new revolutionary coils feature a special winding method that makes them more stable, performing well when detecting smaller particles.

In spite of the lightweight of these coils, they are fully waterproof up to 1-meter depth without housing damage or safety issues!

Standard Features Include:

​Outstanding Sensitivity and Stability
DOD Windings for Maximum Coverage & Minimum Noise
Litz Wire
Insulated Divinycell Core
ABS Plastic
Polycarbonate Shaft Mounts
Water Resistant to 1m
Only 950grams (without lower shaft)
Supplied with Genuine Lower Shaft
3 Year Warranty


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