Minelab GPZ 7000 19″ Coil

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Find More Gold – Deeper and Faster!

The GPZ 19 Super-D coil has been designed by Minelab to maximise the performance of your GPZ 7000 and give a significant depth increase over the standard GPZ 14 coil.

Our field testers have spent several months carrying out significant testing so our Engineering team could deliver a superior accessory coil.

Check out what some of our expert field testers had to say about the GPZ 19:


“The GPZ 19 is deceptively stable and quiet… I recovered a 15 ounce nugget, really deep!”

“Working my way back up a creek, I found many ounces of weighty gold at incredible depths that had been totally ignored by a GPX with a 20 inch monoloop. I also missed these using the GPZ 14 coil – they were just too deep. The GPZ 19 is deceptively stable and quiet… I recovered a 15 ounce nugget, really deep!”

Jonathan Porter – Professional Gold Prospector, Australia

 I just couldn’t believe how smooth it was running for such a big coil!”

“When using Normal Ground Type (in milder soils) I’ve actually been able to run a higher Sensitivity setting. I just couldn’t believe how smooth it was running for such a big coil, and I blooded the coil with its first piece after a short time, a very small flat piece of about 0.1g which proved that the big coil hasn’t given up much sensitivity.”

Nenad Lonic – Phase Technical Metal Detection & Technical Services, Australia

GPZ 19 Coil finds  GPZ 19 Coil finds  GPZ 19 Coil finds  GPZ 19 Coil finds


More Ground Coverage The GPZ 19 coil (19″ × 18″) has 53% more area than the GPZ 14 coil (14″ × 13″). It’s perfect for wide open spaces and covers more ground in less time!


Waterproof (to 1m/3 ft†)
The GPZ 19 coil is waterproof and submersible to a depth of 1m/3ft. You can easily detect rivers, or detect in rainy or wet conditions.


Less Ground Noise
Improved coil geometry gives less magnetic coupling between transmit and receive windings, resulting in reduced ground noise. Hear less noise and more gold!
Super-D Coil Technology
A Super-D coil consists of a central transmit winding and two outer receive windings. The GPZ 19 coil has isolated suspension windings that are less prone to mechanical vibration noise.


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