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Minelab Go Find 44

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Minelab GO-FIND 44 is a high-performance entry-level metal detector for beginners that doesn’t let you down when it counts – offering accuracy levels next to a professional standard at a fraction of the cost! The Minelab Go FIND 44 Treasure Detector is an easy-to-use, lightweight metal detector for beginners. Finders Keepers Gold are happy to help you get started today with your new detector. Shop today!


Minelab GO‑FIND 44 Value-PLUS

Identify objects before you dig them up. By sorting the treasure from the trash, you can use the Smartphone app to find coins and even listen to music while you detect!

Minelab Go Find 44 Main Features:

  • Affordable Family Fun – A serious high-tech entry level detector that’s really easy for anyone to use!
  • Compact & No Assembly – Unfold, turn on and GO! No messing around. Folds flat for transportation and storage.
  • Ultra Lightweight – 20% lighter than similar detectors. Go detecting for longer and find more!
  • Treasure View LEDs – Red/Green target ID. Sort the treasure from the trash before you dig it!
  • Easy-Trak – The fully automatic ground tracking reduces noise interference quickly and easily.
  • Smartphone App – Control your detector, listen to music, share your finds and more…
  • Coin ID Magic –  Identify common coins on your phone – it’s great fun!
  • Google Maps® – Record your treasure locations the modern way. ‘X’ marks the spot!*
  • Wireless Audio – Plug ear buds into your phone to listen to music while detecting.


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