COILTEK GOLDHAWK 10 X 5″ Coil Suit GPX6000


Release date: 14 June                          Preorders open now, Don’t miss out: 0890217207


The all  new range of coils being released exclusively for the GPX6000. These coils are fully Minelab approved and will offer a great deal of versatility to the GPX6000.


The 10×5″ coil is specifically designed for tight spaces, increased sensitivity, great for pinpointing and light weight.

Price $549.99



This coil is dynamite on small gold, offering superior pinpointing, lightweight and fantastic ground coverage to weight ration. For a performance upgrade get the coil that suits your application.


Available in the following sizes: 9″, 10 x 5″ , 14 x 9″


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