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Gold prospecting boosters increase the sound and sensitivity of your metal detector, making it easier to find those elusive gold nuggets. At Finders Keepers Gold Prospecting, we have a range of boosters from leading brands like Minelab and Steelphase to ensure you're getting the best possible product for all your prospecting needs. Shop for prospecting boosters with Finders Keepers today!

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B&Z Booster

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This is a very popular booster to use with the GPX 4500 and 5000, producing exceptional sound clarity.
Price $180.00
Two prospectors got together and exchanged ideas about building a better audio enhancer. A collaboration between Pat O’Connell (electronics expert) aka SteelPat, and Nenad Lonic aka PhaseTech, and the steelPHASE Enhancer name was born. Field testing of various versions revealed different sound profiles (filters) would be beneficial on different detectors and different headphones, so it was logical to incorporate switchable filters into the final product. Very low noise circuitry for the clearest amplified sound allows you to hear the faintest of target signals. Combining a rugged yet stylish case and high quality electronic components, the sP01 was born. A custom made canvas pouch is also available.
Price $249.00
Canvas pouch, for the SteelPhase sP01 Enhancer. Has a belt clip on the back and holes in all the right spots for the cables to come through. Note: Colours vary and cant always get the colour you request. Camo, Green, Blue etc
Price $49.99

Showing all 3 results